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  • Performance
    • Performance Deployment
    • Performance Python
    • Performance Postgresql
    • Javascript Performance Crash Course
  • OWL
    • Better than React: Why We Built Our Own UI Library
    • Learn Owl from Scratch in Just 50 Minutes
  • ORM
    • What changed in the ORM for Odoo 17
    • ORM Unleashed: Computed, Related, Onchange - The Magic Behind Odoo's Data Management
    • Unveiling the Magic of Fine-Grained Reactivity in Owl 2
    • Owl Devtools: Exploring, Debugging, and Optimizing Your JS Code Like Never Before
  • JavaScript
    • Building for Speed: Lego-like Blocks in JS
    • Advanced JavaScript State Management: Organizing Code Like a Pro
  • Servidor
    • Host your Odoo server on the public Internet: dos and don'ts